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Visa gets cancelled because of Poor Reputation Score

Banks refuse to render services because of Low Reputation Score

Business loses its market share because of Bad Reputation Score

Relationship gets affected because of Low Reputation Score

Resumes get rejected because of Poor Reputation Score

Find out what is your reputation score right now.

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    Why you need to know your Online Reputation Score?

    It takes whole life to build a reputation and a second to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll act in a different way.

    Each one of us is being shrouded by online clouds. In online matrix everyone is vulnerable as anybody can write anything about anyone from anywhere. The way you regularly check your Health and CIBIL Score, it’s time now, to Check your Online Reputation Score too!

    It’s order of the day, to keep a tab on your online reputation score because you might be suffering from:

    • Business Loss
    • Job Rejections
    • Broken Relationships
    • Cancelled Visa
    • Identity Theft
    • Credit Card and Loans rejection

    What is Online Reputation Score?

    It’s a real-time mathematical calculation of your digital footprints available online. Our technology crawls through the Internet and dig out every single piece of information available in public domain. Thereon, categorized them on relevancy along with the sentiments of the content i.e. positive, neutral and negative. Based on overall sentiments Online Reputation Score will vary between:

    • Good:- 80% and above.
    • Average:- More than 50% but less than 80%
    • Bad:- Less than 50%

    Online Reputation Score affecting your day to day life

    Your online profile can be a blessing or a curse. The information present on the internet can have a profounding impact on your day-to-day life. It can make your life go haywire having bumpy roads with a roller coaster ride.

    How we calculate Online Reputation Score?

    Online Reputation Score assists you to recognize whether your digital presence is helping your business to flourish or harming it. We go beyond the data and PR mentions specific to you or your business to analyse every aspect of your company’s online presence, from star ratings to review spread in search results and provides you best-in-class comparisons for every reputation factor.
    Our proprietary scoring formula covers all the relevant online reputation factors to give you a comprehensive picture of overall health of your or your company’s/ brand online reputation. Moreover, we are the only company that gives you relevant data points to understand how the Reputation Analysis Report is prepared to calculate overall reputation score.
    We will not only give you online reputation score but also give you recommended inputs and strategies. Based on these inputs not only we can help you improve and build your online reputation score but also help you in protecting your online reputation.

    Check your Online Reputation Score

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    Understand your Online Reputation Score

    Just as your health score & credit score, your Online Reputation Score need to be checked and monitored regularly. Online Reputation Score is categorized primarily into three categories i.e. Good, Average and Bad.


    • Average:- means you don’t have a strong online presence and it is obvious that your online reputation score may turn to bad. We can help you Build Positive Online Presence by publishing and promoting positive content about you online.


    • Good:- means having positive sentiments about you or your brand online but that doesn’t mean you and your brand weren’t vulnerable in this digital world as “Anybody can write Anything about Anyone from Anywhere”. We can help you cover your reputation risk via innovative Reputation Protection Plan.

    Improve, Protect and Build your Online Reputation Score

    Reputation risk is driven by a wide range of business risks. A good reputation is difficult to build and easy as pie to destroy. The impact of traditional risk is substantial but the impact of a reputation risk can be even more damaging and it can take companies years to rebuild deteriorated reputations. Putting your reputation on stake will give you nightmares. Hence, we have customized plans where you can protect your online reputation, built positive online presence and improve your reputation score.

    Improve your Reputation Score

    Your online reputation can make or take your name and fame overnight which can lead to rejections and demotions from people and jobs. A simple score with very complex calculations based on your online presence may be a turn in your life.
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    Protect your Online Reputation

    Your first Impression online can make it or break it. Don’t put your reputation at stake as it is the most important thing after your basic needs food, cloth and shelter. Protect your Online Reputation with Reputation Protection Plan which will cover all your expenses and help fix any unfortunate incident happening against you or your business online.
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    Build Positive Online Presence

    A better reputation provides more opportunities. Manage and firewall your and your companies online reputation by countering, weakening and eliminating the negative material found in the Internet and overpowering it with more positive material to improve your credibility and customer’s trust in you.
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    Improve, Protect and Build your Online Reputation with most comprehensive plans

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    Get your Online Reputation Analysis Report

    Check your digital footprints across the Internet to get Online Reputation Score

    Online Reputation Analysis Report allows you to track the opinions that people are expressing about you or your brand online, whether they are positive, negative, or neutral. Your Reputation Score will give you a basic understanding of the status of your reputation online and help you to construct an effective plan to either improve negative sentiment and protect or reinforce your positive sentiment.

      Why Choose Us?

      Your online profile can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s important that, wherever possible, your online reputation should be squeaky clean.
      At, we’ve developed an algorithm that quantifies how much your online presence is helping you or hurting you. Our developers have spent thousands of hours designing the software that recognizes online content associated with your name that will likely damage your reputation.

      This technology pulls from the latest data available on Internet to quantify how much online content affecting your online reputation. Our software crawls you over internet and social media to come up with the all-encompassing Reputation Score.

      Starting at $9 only