Do you FEAR BAD Reviews, Complaints ?

Do you FEAR Personal Information Leaked online ?

Do you FEAR Bad Publicity ?

Get online Reputation Protection Plan worth USD 1200 coverage starting for just USD 9/yr only

Online Reputation Protection

One can survive everything, nowadays, except death, and live down everything except a good reputation. Online Reputation Protection
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    Do you know ANYBODY can write/post ANYTHING about ANYONE from ANYWHERE online?

    Don't risk your online reputation before it’s too late or someone takes it for granted


    • of being stalked online?
    • of receiving bad or fake reviews?
    • of facing bad publicity?
    • of being a victim of Revenge Porn?
    • of being abused online ?
    • Of your personal data leaked online? Then It’s Better to be safe than sorry.   Plan starts at $1 only. Protect Yourself Now.

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    We have packaged starting plans for Individual, professional and business.

    Your 3 Easy Steps to protect online reputation

    One proactive step will help you save almost 1/10th of online reputation repair charges during any unforseen crisis. As the wiseman said ” Prevention is always better than cure” so don’t wait till you get victimized online.
    • 1.

      Check your reputation

      As a first and foremost step we request you to get your detailed online reputation checkup done. Based on online reputation checkup report we will be recommending you which plans will best suited to your requirements. If you already have negative prior issues prior we help fix the same first than proceed with your most suited protection plan.

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    • 2.

      Choose a Protection Plan

      If you don't have anything need to be addressed than we have multiple options to choose between plans which suits your requirements. We have pacakaged Individuals, professinals and small business plans. If you are an enterprise or have problem identifying plan for yourself you can seek customization via our consultants.

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    • 3.

      Protection for your reputation

      Once you purchase the plan we automatically put your reputation for 24x7 monitoring. Incase of any unforseen crisis we will connect and let you know for the same. We will fix your reputation as per your plan coverage. You can also renew the same on yearly basis and can avail additional discounts on multi year billing.

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    What is Online Reputation Protection Plan?

    It's an innovative step that covers all your expenses in case of any online incident. Moreover, you can use this plan to revamp your online reputation. A new way to see cyber insurance which not only protects you, your family, and your business but also gets you the most out of the plan if nothing happens.

    Easy Claims

    We have designed the claiming process in four simple steps as per our customer feasibility and convenience.

    Maximum Coverage

    All expenses required to fix your online reputation e.g. advertising, PR, etc. including legal expenses.

    No Claim Bonus

    Get upto 10% No Claim bonus applicable after the 1st year and an additional 20% bonus applicable after the 2nd year.

    100% Cashless Repair

    Complete cashless consultation and online reputation repair as per plan coverage. No additonal charges will be there.

    Free consultation with panel of experts

    We allow you to consult with panel of reputation experts when a threat is identified or at the first sign of negative publicity. They will prepare detailed plan for next course of actions.

    Maximum savings on expenses

    Plan has coverage up to 100 times of yearly plan price and which will covers actual expenses like reputation repair, legal, media management etc.

    24x7 real time tracking & monitoring

    We will start monitoring your reputation as you signup and setup an automated early warning alert system on your email which will alert you for any incident.

    Premium Support

    We are available 24*7 on email, phone, chat (video, voice). Feel free to ask your queries via email over the phone.

    What is online reputation protection plan for?

    Your online presence is an asset that may be tormented without your knowledge. Hence it's always recommended to be proactive and safeguard yourself from these attacks and not lose all your savings in the process.

    Get a plan that suits your requirement. Whether you are an individual, a working professional, a restaurant, a hotel, a chain of businesses, etc. the need of the hour demands your safety online.

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    Protection plan coverage Includes

    • GEOGRAPHICAL Domains
    • KEYWORDS  & MATCHING phrases
    • PROFILING  Social Accounts
    • ONLINE PR Content Marketing
    • MONTHLY Review and reporting
    • TRACKING & MONITORING Real Time 24×7
    • DOMAIN Registering allied domains
    • WEBSITE Creation and Index in search
    • FULL CONTROL via regular reputation management
    • 24/7/365 Award-Winning Support
    • INVESTIGATION Finding out the culprit
    • LEGAL Help in legal course

    Popular online reputation protection plan pricing and options

    Simple, flexible, and predictable pricing. Select which package is best suited for you.
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    $120 $125
    / Billed annually/ Per year
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    Recommended for individuals who feel threatened engaging online.
    Yearly Coverage USD 1200
    Normal Claim Support
    Reporting monthly
    $199 $250
    / Billed annually/ Per year
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    Meant for working Professional, Lawyers, Doctors engaged with organizations
    Yearly Coverage USD 2400
    Priority Claim Support
    Reporting fortnightly
    $299 $500
    / Billed annually/ Per year
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    Plan is suited for HNI's, Politicians, Celebrities and small businesses
    Yearly Coverage USD 3600
    Premium Claim Support
    Reporting weekly

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    Served in last one decade worldwide ranging from fortune 500, CEO, HNI's, Doctors, Lawyers, Small and medium business to Individuals

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    Customers Retained in last decade

    What you can expect?

    Our Reputation Management solutions can help you understand, build and manage your corporate reputation in a way that leverages your strengths, mitigates risk and creates a competitive advantage. With our knowledge and insights, we’ll help you:
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    Do You Have Questions?

    A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

    1. What does this covers?

    All activities expenses required to fix your online reputation e.g. advertising, PR etc. including legal expenses wherever applicable.

    2. What are the payment options available?

    Payment modes are easy and simple. You could pay the whole amount at once, and for that, you will be receiving a discount on the actual amount. You could also pay in monthly installments (available only for Professionals and Small & Medium Businesses for auto debit facility mode only)

    3. If already have negative content on internet, can I still take this plan?

    Yes, you could take the plan but that will be applicable on future incident’s. The plan will not cover your past content. You have to repair your past negative content separately.

    4. If the scope of work exceeds the coverage amount then what I will do?

    The work will be done up to the coverage amount. But in case the work exceeds the coverage amount then you do not have to upgrade for reputation management monthly plan. You just have to pay for the work which will be beyond the coverage amount.

    5. Can I test this protection plan on trial basis?

    No, we are not offering Online Reputation Protection Plan on trial basis but we have 15 days unconditional refund policy. Which means if you aren’t happy with any of the terms and conditions defined in the scope of work. We will refund 100% of the amount with no questions asked.

    6. What is no claim bonus for next year ?

    If you haven’t received any negative content on the Internet or if you haven’t claimed, in that case, your coverage will be enhanced by 20% of the actual coverage cost. If the same thing re-occurs the 2nd year also, then your coverage will be enhanced by 10% of the actual coverage cost.

    7. Will I still get any refund even after 15 days redemption period?

    We are having 15 days Money Refund Policy if the customer is not sure or in case if he changes his/her mind. The whole money will be refunded without deducting a single penny. There is no refund in Individual plan After 15 days we will refund on pro-rata basis only for professional and Small & medium business plan.

    8. How does claim process works?

    Being a new customer there is a cooling period of 2 months from the day of signing off the plan. If no claims are made during this period you are eligible for the claim else you have to pay the amount in full for any repair works comes in between.

    9. What is cooling off period?

    For new customers, we keep a cooling off period of 2 months which means no claim will be considered during this tenure. If anything negative comes after this period claim will be considered.

    10. What are documents required to claim this plan?

    We will take one ID proof and Address proof copy for Individual and Professional Plan for which the plan is bought. In case of Small and Medium enterprise we will need following documents:-

    1. Company registration certificate, Partnership Deed, Proprietor/Director/Partner ID Proof ( Social Security Number, Passport, TAX ID No., Driving License)/ Tax registration

    One copy Local Address proof ( Rental agreement, Utility bills like electricity and phone  bill maximum 3-month-old)

    11. How do I contact in case of claim or crisis?

    At the time of crisis or claim, you could directly call us and define the scope of work. You could also mail or message us on WhatsApp and let us know about the crisis or the claim you want to take.

    12. What are after sales support available?

    We are available via email, phone, chat (Video, Voice) and physical address for any kind of support. You can ask your queries via email over the phone. We would love to answer them via email.

    24/7/365 Support

    You will get a dedicated account manager cum consultant which will guide what is best for you. Keep you informed with the progress happening on your reputation.

    Regular Reporting System

    Which includes data to support and validate what we have achieved in a month timeline. This includes primarily reduction in negativity and increase in positivity.


    Here at, all the information provided by the customers are kept private. Protect our client privacy we don't even seek reviews from our clients.

    Early Identification

    We Identify reputation red flags and market shifts—before they happen—that could affect your company’s success.

    Delivery Guarantee

    We guarantee result in defined timeline as long as you or your brand is not under threat. Outdated content can be removed within 48 hrs as well. If we can't delete it permanently we keyword removal or supress links.

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    Client Reviews

    We respect your privacy as much as ours which means we avoid sharing any set of Information which can lead to any personal data leak online. Being a leading online reputation management service provider for a decade we avoid sharing any details and testimonials of the clients which can harm ours and their online reputation. We haven’t used any real names of our customers they are for representation purpose only. We provide references on demand via email / call only after our clients permit us to do so.

    Give us a call or drop by anytime

    we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.