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Cyber Defamation Investigation

We Identify the Hidden

Those people who attack individuals and companies and other use the anonymity of the internet to make it difficult to stop their actions. This frustrating feature of the internet often makes it very difficult for most individuals, companies, and attorneys to implement classical legal or law enforcement solutions.

Police won’t Investigate your case

We are a group of highly experienced private investigative agency that has solved hundreds of stalking and harassment cases. There is nothing more emotionally taxing than having someone stalk and harass you 24/7 ruining your relationships, your business, your finances or your reputation.

As an investigative agency we have worked with CEO’s of large corporations, professionals, celebrities, Doctors, Politicians, SMB owners, as well as

individuals, whose situation has become serious enough that they need to hire a private cyber investigator to investigate their case. Regardless of your position in life, the effects of a cyber stalker can be devastating to everyone around you. Most stalkers have one purpose in mind; ruining your reputation, your business and your life.

Hacking Investigations & Support

More than ever individuals and corporations are finding themselves dealing with situations where someone has hacked into their computer or smart phones to stalk, harass, steal information, intimidate or attempt to assassinate a company’s brand.

In our Cyber Investigation Services we specialize in catching hackers through advanced cyber investigative tools and specialized intelligence that allows us to zero in on whether or not you have been hacked, how you’ve been hacked, and who is behind the attacks against you or your business. In addition we can help you secure your computer or network environment to help keep you safe against current and future attacks.