Online review management

Advanced review management services with human touch

88% of consumers research and trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. One bad review online can make and break your business perception. There is no business which can satisfy every customer so you are always at risk of getting bad reviews online. We as a company can remove negative reviews, increase star ratings and grades, and mitigate negative customer feedback so that your overall perception is not judged by one negative feedback online.

Our Services include review management across

  • Yelp reputation management
  • BBB grade improvement and reviews
  • Google reviews star-rating and testimonials
  • Facebook reviews management
  • Trustpilot reviews management
  • and many more 25+ reviews websites

How to get good reviews regularly

We’re proud that every review management campaign we run results in star rating overall improvement 4 and above for our clients.


Tackling Negative review

When bad reviews and rating exist, there is usually a root cause or you can say bad experience by customer sometimes for good reason and sometimes you are being targeted by your competitors. We help companies and restaurants find the real cause of negative online reviews person behind via cyber investigation. You can implement the expectation and changes in your system so that same thing doesn’t happen again. This will help to improve customer satisfaction at the same time we will help either revise or delete those feedback  in order to increase star-ratings. For removal of negative review click here


Aggregating it at one place

We aggregate prospective reviewers and earlier customers with either a bulk uploaded Excel or CSV list, or via API using a Zapier integration. The API increases the timeliness of review requests – but both methods result in better reviews for our customers. All third party cost will be borne by the client.

Online Review monitoring

We help you monitor mentions of your brand on over 25 different review sites, blogs, and social media via third party monitoring tool.


Unique Reviewer for every new expereince

Lists are refined on regular basis so that same person doesn’t get a request twice within a specified period of time.

Inviting reviewers to the right sites

We invite your past and current customers to review websites automatically to review with already logged in account. That makes it easy for them because we automatically populate their review with five stars before they write it. If reviewers are not logged in, or our customer needs more reviews on a different site we send them there instead. This way customers get time of reviews on the sites that matter most to them.

Process for online review management

First step is to audit existing reviews and filter negative reviews

A typical process of improving online reviews starts with filtering negative and positive from your existing reviews across different websites. We’ll take a closer look on all the negative reviews that violate the terms of service of that particular review website and try to get them removed as much as we can. We cannot guarantee that every negative review will be removed but we can revise the sentiment of the review from negative to positive via negotiation subject to timeline of revision.

Identifying all prospective positive reviewers

From the list we identify all prospective positive reviewers who can give positive feedback on rest of the review rating platforms. We also take list of earlier and regular customers who are the most likely to provide good reviews of your product or service, and invite them to the review platforms with later benefits of engaging with you that will be best help for your brand.


Targeting spam negative reviewers

After investigation we dig out spam negative reviewers which are primarily hired by competitors and get all such accounts deleted as well so that they cannot leave negative reviews, as well as encourage happy customers to leave high-quality positive ones.


Liasioning with dissatisfied customers

As mentioned earlier you cannot satisfy all. There will always be some bad experience faced by customers either the services is wrong or there expectations must be high. We connect them with your response team and give inputs. These inputs will help improve your systems and clear expectations among your future customers.  We request them to address such problems offline and get it resolved (further increasing the flow of negativity).

Walk-through of the process

  1. We expect companies to provide us with a customer list in Excel or CSV format via our review management tool we will send either a text to their phone, or an email and asks them a simple question about their experience.
  2. If the answer is good, or “thumbs up” we send them to more review management sites of your choice.
  3. If the user is already logged in to a service like Google we will usually send them there first because it saves a step and results in higher conversion rates for positive reviews.
  4. If the answer is not so good, we ask them why. We don’t send them to a review site. This enables the customer to “vent” on a site that will not post to Google. We also alert you to the problem so it can be dealt with in a timely and positive manner.

Differences among online review management services

Review management services can be broken down into three categories listed below.  All of them significantly different in terms of delivery results and associated costs. Major three categories:


Online review monitoring services

The most inexpensive kind of review management campaign is simple monitoring. Monitoring alerts you to a problem but it doesn’t improve star-ratings. Either you can take action in case negative incident happens or amplify positive at your end or you can avail our more services listed below.


Automated review management

Most review management is automated. When an invoice is generated for a customer, the system sends out an email or text asking the customer to provide a review. Because it’s automated, no people are involved (lower cost) but neither is one very necessary ingredient – human empathy.


Strategic review management with human touch

You might get fake reviews and likes from bots but when you add real people to a review management program you have the best of both human and machine working to improve star-ratings, reviews, and testimonials. A managed review strategy means good reviews can be amplified to the places they’re needed most. It also means that problem reviews can be dealt more effectively so that they cannot become sore in your throat.

The net result is better reviews, faster.

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