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Our community has different perception towards the Escort business and thus people take advantages of this perception to abuse them. Wallofjohns.com is a website that fights for the right of escorts. However, the law condemns these activities and fined sex buyers equally responsible for the surge in the industry of prostitution. At Wallofjohns.com, escorts can report about the clients who are abusive and do not follow the code of conduct of this industry. However, there is the other side of the coin too. Who knows, your name can be reported on this website for making fun of you or for hurting you.

If you think you have been filmed, you have the right to voice your part. Not every person seeking escorts are bad. Sometimes, the person providing service can play the negative part too. It can be for monetary gains or for n number of reasons. However, the reason would not make a difference, if you are already on the website. And, it is not easy to get rid of these reports just by asking for it. Either you would be asked to pay a huge amount, or you would be asked for proofs, that you might not hold.

So, if you are amid of any such situation, and want your name out of this website as soon as possible, contact Secureonlinereputation.com. We won’t ask questions, we would just do the task. If you do not want your name on Wallofjohns.com, Secureonlinereputation.com will take it out of there, no questions asked. We aim to maintain the privacy of our clients and in no condition; we would ever ruin that for any reason. Secureonlinereputation.com has the expertise in dealing with such problems and the quickest response time. We start the work with small amount of Token Money in Advance and the rest of the payment after the work is done. If you are not satisfied with our services we will refund the money within 10 to 15 days through PayPal. Feel free to contact us.

3 Easy step to

start the process

Step1 :-

Send us your inquiry and our team will respond with prompt solution at the earliest.

Step 2:-

If you like the suggested solution, we start executing the project. We will take small token of advance that you are serious via PayPal ( as third party if we don’t deliver you charge us back).

Step 3:-

Verify the result and after you are satisfied, make balance payment

Pay $100 as Refundable Advance


Our pricing is project specific. We would charge you for the work you want and will make sure you are satisfied before you pay. You pay when you feel the mission is accomplished. We work for results and offer guarantee with 100% refund, if we fail to get you the results.



All your information is kept private. We signoff strong confidentiality agreement to safeguard your privacy. We don’t share any set of information to anyone as long as you don’t allow us to do so. We share successful case studies of those clients only which permits us to do the same.


Timeline to delivery depends on complexity of the links and it can range from 48 hrs to 6 months. Pricing also depends how fast we can deliver we have time bound performance based model to deliver as fast as we can.