How can I remove negative news articles from Internet or source ?

With the advancement of the digital world, much of our sensitive, past data and personal information are publicly available to almost every person on the internet. In this digital age, whatever goes online remains there till eternity means probably forever as long as it is not addressed by someone.

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How Negative Online News Articles Can Damage Your Online Reputation

If someone had bad coverage in Media it usually gets viral very fast through social Media and Search Engines, which is beyond anybody’s control. Surprisingly, this bad news won’t stay limited to the source of publication. ‘Bad news travels fast’, especially on the internet. With the increasing use of social media, blogging, tweeting, and re-posting have become common modes of sharing information. If the people around the internet find your news interesting enough, it can soon become ‘trending’ and can become the topic of discussion in every household.

A decade earlier this was not the case usually such stories covered by Newspaper articles, Magazines, T.V., etc. phased out within a span of 3 to 6 months. But in the Internet world, it will remain there as it is as long as it is not addressed by anyone.

95% of the Internet starts from Search Engine which means if somebody is writing your or your company’s name on search engine etc. and find out negative stuff even though it’s old or sorted out it will gonna cost you a fortune or livelihood.

With the implementation of GDPR across whole Europe, everybody has a perception that anything available on the internet will be removed with a wink of an eye which is actually not the case because this has been done after a decade of debate among stakeholders who has drafted rules and regulation policies in over more than 1000 pages. If you really need to use GDPR you first study them all else hire a professional reputation firm that has specialized to let you know whether information can be removed or not.

How to Remove Outdated Negative Articles From Search Results

Now, the question arises: How do we get such information removed from the internet? Negative news removal can be a very complex and frustrating process, especially these days when the websites are so protective of their content and the writers.

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Online Reputation Management (ORM) basically refers to the process of managing and controlling the data that shows up when somebody searches for you on the internet. It has become an efficient and effective tool to ensure that no damaging content is present about you on the internet and to promote positive content about yourself.

Removing the Negative Content from the Internet

The good news is that while it is definitely a challenge to delete news articles, it isn’t entirely impossible. In fact, your first attempt should be trying to remove the damaging news article completely to get rid of negative publicity online. If requests are made in the right manner, then the editors of the website can remove your name from an unfavorable article. In case, the website refuses to put down the article then there are several other options available. For which specialized online reputation firms understand details of policies and framework of the internet.

Before taking up any other choice, a serious analysis needs to be made. Some factors that need to be taken into consideration include:

  • Does the article contain any false or defamatory news?
  • Check if the information is outdated or inaccurate.
  • Whether the language used in the article is offensive or inflammatory?
  • Does the information violate copyright or trademark laws?
  • Is the article harassing or bullying you in any way?

If the above factors hold true, then try contacting the publisher or the webmaster by formulating a well-drafted letter. Which is really a tough job finding out relevant persons who can help you out for the same in that case online reputation firms know the tricks to deal with such websites as they deal with them on regular basis. The letter should include all your grievances highlighting the fact that the information published about you is malicious and false. Suitable proofs should also be added.

How to Contact Google to Remove Outdated Negative Articles From Search Results

You can even try to contact Google in case the article breaks its terms of use. If the news article contains statements that are demonstrably false and defamatory then a legal content removal request can be submitted to Google. As Google, Facebook, Twitter keep updating their policies sometimes it is quite tough to deal with it as well. It will be better to try contacting an Online Reputation Management firm for consultation as they specialized in these processes technically as well as legally.

As it’s really hard to move around every nook and corner to find relevant person and authorities it becomes a nightmare when nobody responds. As none of the popular search engines and social media like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, etc. don’t provide any human touch support your reputation remains at stake till they respond.

Reach Out to the News Article Removal firm Secure Online Reputation

So the most effective option to get the negative newspaper articles removed is to connect with Online reputation management (ORM) refers to the process of taking expert guidance and help to manage your online data. With several contacts available with media companies, ORM firms may be able to facilitate the de-indexation of your article even if it is not removed from the source, which results the article being removed from search engines coming next to you or your company name.

If you’re searching how to get a news article removed from the internet? How to get a newspaper article removed from the internet? and how to remove news articles from google? then this article is very helpful for you.

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