Manage Bad/ Fake Google Reviews and Business Listing

A list of negative review on the first page of Google search result is not a small thing. It can harm you or your company. It would be vulnerable for your business if negative reviews are appearing on your company’s name.

Its natural tendency of humans that they are more curious to know the negative things about anyone rather than positive things. Once they find out negative reviews coming on your business name, they will start criticizing it on the internet. It can be purposely done by a frustrated ex-employee of your company which will affect your market capitalization, hiring, sales and revenue or it may be a jealous friend who doesn’t feel good about you in social life and want to destroy your reputation on the internet. 

Irrespective of what you are into the traditional market, if your online reputation is not good, people will not prefer your products or services. It’s a fact that people now believe more on online reviews rather than word of mouth.

Once the negative review on your company’s name start showing up on the search results, chances are there that more and more people can up-vote the review and will make the review stronger. SEO Genic offers Online Review Management services helping brands manage all the good/bad reviews with ease.

Consumers consider online reviews before making any purchasing decision. Google reviews helps consumers in making the right decision on the past experiences of people who gave the review. 

In order to remove negative Google reviews coming on your name or your company’s name you can do following things.

1. You can contact the person whoever has posted it personally on your level and ask him/her to remove the content.

2. You can submit a legal removal request to Google. But again, make sure negative content is not legit and is wrongly hurting your brand reputation. Contacting Google is a very lengthy process and you can’t remove a review from Google just because you don’t like it. It has to be genuine and evidence should be provided in reference to that. 

Different sites take source from Google and shows the review on their site, as people believe in Google reviews to be true all the time. But, it is not the fact that every review given on Google is genuine. The most permanent ways to delete negative reviews from Google is to completely remove its existence from the Google.

Negative reviews on Google can be turned down by having expert knowledge of the internet. You can contact Online Reputation Management company to get your issues resolved. We, being an expert in removing negative google reviews, can help you get out of the pit with lesser time and guarantee. You can get a consultant for FREE and talk about your issues and get advice from the experts. This can help you build a positive image and maintain your business reputation by removing negative google reviews from the internet.

Online Reputation Management company deals with such kind of cases and help you out there with their surprising results. Some PR and Digital Marketing companies claim that they can bury negative review in lesser time but that’s not a permanent solution for your problem.

Hence, it’s better to sign-off with an ORM company and get your negative google reviews removed from the internet in no time. Secure online reputation is help you out to remove negative google reviews, delete negative reviews, brand reputation management and manage bad google reviews. Secure online reputation is our choice for the best online review management services for reputation management because of its easy-to-use platform.


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